December 11, 2015




Here at CoolnBreezy Beats we take our name seriously. We seek to specialize in providing smooth, melodic, mellow and musical beats/instrumentals in various urban genres such as Hip Hop/Rap, Cloud Rap, R&B, Reggae/Reggae Fusion, Dancehall and Pop. If you are an artist looking online to buy 90s Style Rap Beats, new school cloud rap beats, smooth new wave hip hop instrumentals or various Caribbean inspired Pop styles then you are in the right place.

License Types Available:

  • Standard Non-Exclusive – Beat is delivered in MP3 format. Price is $19.99 per beat (if no discount option selected). The artist may use the beat for commercial purposes such as streaming audio etc. The beat will remain available for leasing by others. This license lasts one year and the buyer will receive a pdf version of the license with their purchase.
  • Exclusive – Beat is delivered as a zip file of individual track stems. Price is usually negotiable unless stated in the player above. No other artist may use the beat after purchase is final